News Item: UNCA Bolts On The Road!
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Posted by Douglas Ingram
Thursday, January 30, 2020 - 08:28:39

Last week, UNC Asheville became the first state agency in North Carolina to put new plug-in Chevrolet Bolts on the road in an effort to reduce fossil fuel consumption. John Ridout and Pat Berk of the University Transportation Office posed with one of the cars and then took The Wag for a spin around campus. It is among the quietest, smoothest rides imaginable.

The new cars have an expected range of more than 250 miles on a charge, and by replacing two gasoline vehicles with electric vehicles, the University hopes to reduce gasoline consumption by an additional 1,000 gallons per year, equivalent to about 20,000 pounds of CO2.

Since 2016, UNC Asheville has employed a Nissan Leaf in the motor pool as the all-electric option for travel in the Asheville metro area. And since the arrival of the Nissan Leaf, UNC Asheville has saved approximately 1,200 gallons of fuel. With the addition of the long-range EVs, we should be able to support longer trips without the need for gasoline.

This news item is from Land-of-Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition
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