News Item: Clean Cities just got their own superhero
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Posted by Douglas Ingram
Sunday, January 20, 2019 - 17:50:00

Originally posted on FuelsFix

Introducing "The Air Avenger!"

Wow, Clean Cities Coordinators sure are dedicated folks! They will do just about anything to promote alternative fueled vehicles and improve air quality! That includes becoming “The Air Avenger” superhero and educating hundreds of citizens attending Western North Carolina’s holiday parades.

The Air Avenger (aka Bill Eaker, Clean Cities Coordinator for the Asheville, NC region) recently joined forces with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Air Quality Program staff to encourage kids and their parents along the parade route to take action to help “Clear the Air” such as driving low emission vehicles.

Cherokee staff drove their agency’s Chevy Volt and the Tribal Chief’s Tesla in the Parade. Eaker says parades are great for reaching an audience that don’t typically attend Ride n’ Drives and similar clean vehicle events.

This news item is from Land-of-Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition
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