About the Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition

The Clean Vehicles Coalition is a Clean Cities program of the Land of Sky Regional Council in the Western North Carolina area. We were designated by the US DOE on July 26, 2012 as an official Clean Cities program for the five county area surrounding Asheville including Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Madison and Transylvania counties.(~458,000 pop.).

Clean Cities Program: Clean Cities is a program of the US Department of Energy that works with states and communities across the country to promote the use of cleaner, alternative fuels and vehicles.

Cleaner/Alternative Fuels include compressed natural gas, propane, ethanol, biodiesel, electricity, and hydrogen.

Expanded Portfolio: The program is also now promoting the use of fuel blends, gas-electric hybrids, more fuel efficient gasoline vehicles and anti-idling policies, programs and technologies (e.g., truck stop electrification).

Goals of the Program: the reduction of our nation's dependence on foreign sources of petroleum and improvement in our air quality.

Clean Cities in US: There are over 80 communities across the country designated by DOE as Clean Cities including the Charlotte, Raleigh and East Tennessee regions. To achieve designation, a community must begin using alternative fuels and develop a program plan to increase their use. The plan must be approved by the DOE.

Benefits of Designation: Networking, Technical Assistance and Funding from the Federal Government.

Our Next Steps include:

Getting you involved as Stakeholders in our Effort. Please get involved and help make this project successful! The Land of Sky Clean Vehicles Coalition meets every month or two and welcomes your involvement.

We are conducting a Survey of Fleets in the region to find which ones currently use alternative fuels and vehicles and which ones are interested in doing so in the near future. We needed 400 alt fuel vehicles to qualify for designation and have increased that to over 1,300 alt fuel vehicles and 1,700 registered hybrids.

LOS Clean Cities Program Plan: Please review our Coalition's Program Plan that provides additional background on our Coalition including an inventory of alternative fuel vehicle use in the region and our 3 year Action Plan to increase the use of alternative fueled and advanced technology vehicles.

The Steering and Working Committees of CVC

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