The Steering and Working Committees of CVC


The Land-of Sky Regional Council (LOSRC) is a multi-county, local government planning and development organization also known as a Council of Governments (COG). It is one of 17 such organizations in North Carolina and serves Region B, which includes the counties of Buncombe, Henderson, Madison and Transylvania. LOSRC is made up of chief elected officials – mayors and county commissioners and alternates – from the 19 member governments, one private representative of economic development interests in each county and two at-large members. Members meet monthly to plan programs and set policies and goals to benefit the entire region. LOSRC’s mission is to work with local governments, the Region’s leadership and state and federal agencies to foster desirable social, economic, cultural and ecological conditions in the region. The LOSRC Board and management staff hire the COG staff including the LOSCVC Coordinator and Fleet Consultant, approve all grants and contracts, and are responsible for all financial management for the Coalition. More information about the Council, its programs and list of Board members can be found at The Land-of Sky Regional Council.

Coordinator & Fleet Consultant

Bill Eaker serves as the LOSCVC Coordinator and is able to dedicate 40 to 70% of each work week to the Coalition depending on funding levels. Mr. Eaker is the Council’s Environmental Services Manager and has 30 years of experience with LOSRC. His other responsibilities include air and water quality planning and regional environmental initiatives. Chris Dobbins serves as the Fleet Consultant for the LOSCVC. Chris is the former City of Asheville Fleet Manager and brings many years of fleet and AFV experience to our LOSCVC team. He spends approximately 10 to 25 hours per week depending on funding levels. Other LOSRC staff and interns assist with project and financial management as needed.

LOSCVC Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves as the primary advisory body to the Coordinator and Fleet Consultant. It is responsible for setting policies, establishing work priorities, overseeing existing programs, developing new initiatives, recruiting new stakeholders, communicating with key stakeholders and local, state and federal agencies and private sector partners, educating local elected officials and state and federal legislators, and assisting in securing funding to sustain the work of the Coalition.

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