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MotorWeek features CVC in the Smoky Mountains

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Monday, November 11, 2013 - 08:31:27

Alternative Fueling Stations in the Palm of Your Hand

New iPhone app helps drivers find stations.

Drivers of alternative fuel vehicles can now find fueling stations using Clean Cities' new iPhone app.

The Alternative Fueling Station Locator app, now available through the App Store, allows iPhone users to select an alternative fuel and find the 20 closest stations within a 30-mile radius. Users can view the locations on a map or as a list with station addresses, phone numbers, and hours of operation.

"If you drive an electric vehicle, for instance, you can now use your iPhone to effortlessly identify, contact, and navigate to the charging station that's most convenient for you," said Project Manager Trish Cozart of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. "Drivers aren't searching for stations while they're sitting at their computers; they need this information while they're out and about, which makes the iPhone an ideal means to deliver it."

The app draws information from Clean Cities' Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC), which houses the most complete, up-to-date database of alternative fueling stations in the United States. The database currently contains location information for more than 15,000 alternative fueling stations throughout the country.

The AFDC is a comprehensive clearinghouse of information about advanced transportation technologies and offers unbiased information, data and tools related to the deployment of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles.

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